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Deoxycholic Acid

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What can you expect

after the procedure, Patients will experience swelling after their procedure. The most noticeable swelling can last from 5-14 days, but small areas of swelling may persist for 4-6 weeks. Most patients will begin to notice improvement of their submental fullness 4-6 weeks after their first treatment, but for optimal results 3-6 treatments are needed.


Who is the right candidate?

DA is not recommended for patients who have:

• Current infection in the treatment area

• Blood-clotting problems

• Swallowing difficulties

• An allergy to the any of the product ingredients

• Patients whom are pregnant or breast-feeding

• DA can be used to treat: submental fullness

Possible Risks Common side effects include:

• Swelling

• Bruising

• Bleeding

• Hardness

• Numbness

Uncommon side effects include:

• Allergic reactions

• Facial Weakness or uneven smile

• Difficulty swallowing

• Infection

• Inflammatory rea

Sub mental fat (under chin): $200/treatment or $500/ 3 treatments 

Preaxilary: 300/treatment or $800/ 3 treatments 

Abdomen (belly pooch): 400/ treatment or $1000/3 treatments 

Love handles: $500/ treatment or $1200 for 3 treatments 

Back (bra rolls) $500/ treatment or $1200 for 3 treatments 


Arms: $500/treatment or $1200 for 3 treatments 

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